Titan Datacenters offers high-performance solutions for the exploding volume of data from data center development to operation.

Founded in 2012, the start-up started building its high-density data center in Mougins in 2019 using all of its available technologies.

The birth
of Titan

The creation of TITAN

Founded in 2012, Titan Datacenters France is a company that offers an all-new infrastructure solution imagined and built by a group of experts in everything from data centers to performance, flexibility and security research.


Project studies

  • Capital search
  • Field validation
  • Research and development of next-generation data center concepts (security, energy, modularity, availability)

Implementation of the proofs of concept

  • Creation of building architecture plans in view of the Tier IV certification
  • Research and development with high-density and highly efficient technologies
  • Project Labex Winner with the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis & INRIA on virtual machine optimization
  • High-performance virtualization proof of concept: Titan SmallCloud
  • Development of the first DCSO modules
  • Approval of key partnerships
  • Implementation of the Titan teams
  • Approval of building permit and environmental permits
  • Opening of the Titan SmallCloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform under beta testing

Operations begin in the building

  • 2019 January : Valimmo / Titan partnership for the structural construction of future the Titan's data center
  • 2019 June: Foundation stone laying ceremony for its high-density data center
  • 2019 July: Opening of the Titan SmallCloud private sales offer.
  • 2019 October: Opening of the Titan SmallCloud public offer.
  • 2020 : Opening of the Titan Data Center As a Service offer

Start of Operations

  • Opening of the building and start of operations in private data centers
  • Opening to the public and start of operations in high-density bays
The Titan
management team

Jean-Sébastien Féménia


He is the founder of the company and has more than 20 years of experience in industrial IT services. Along with his team of expert data center engineers, he is the creator of the TITAN design and infrastructure. He has advanced expertise in production server environment optimization as well as the implementation of very high-density virtual solutions.

Bernd Nendersheuser

Managing Director

The Managing Director, he contributes his know-how after more than twenty years of experience in financial and business management. Backed by his significant experience within large international groups, he offers his support, advice and expertise to the titan Datacenters France directors.

Frumane Badji

Director of Administration and Finance

With more than 13 years of experience in the world of data centers and cloud computing, she is the Director of Administration and Finance. Her professional expertise is quite an asset for the development of Titan Datacenters. Besides finance duties, she manages the Human Resources side.