Our 100% French solution is based on a high-availability cluster architecture which guarantees the elimination of all data loss risks. Our cloud is built with high-performance servers and allows you to completely autonomously and immediately deploy a large number of virtual servers. We can thus offer reliable and performing solutions with clearly superior write speeds (IOPS) than physical servers equipped with SSDs.

Titan SC1
Traditional cloud
Up to
faster than a traditional cloud
Titan SC1
Traditional virtual server
Up to
faster than a traditional virtual server
Is that much performance
actually possible?

Yes. It’s now possible thanks to our know-how combined with technologically advanced material making us capable of offering very high-performance servers with ultra-high IOPS speeds.

We’re moving into a new ultra-performance era that’s breaking down the barriers of physical servers and their constraints to enter a new more supple and ecological generation.

A DCSO that makes
machines smarter

Our DCSO is a new smart and effective means of IT management that transforms calculations, storage and networking into a performing, unrestrained and fluid infrastructure to maximize the operational lifetime of your applications in a performing environment.

Light mode
Dark mode
designed for virtualization

Our Cloud solution offers the following benefits:

  • Higher performance than physical servers
  • A high availability rate
  • An anti-obsolescence guarantee
  • No more hardware management (CPU/RAM/disk, power supply)
  • Flexible, dynamic and automatic deployment
  • Cost management with simple, clear and surprise-free billing
  • Adjust your activity peaks with elastic CPU/RAM/disk resources
  • No long-term commitment and no start-up fees
  • No more need for hardware service level guarantees
  • Easy reversibility